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There is no globally standardized training for train drivers, but there are recognized forms of training that have proven successful. They are the result of a lot of experience, intensive efforts, a passion for quality, and the constant improvement of all processes on behalf of greater safety.

The more complex and manifold the rail network, the more diverse and faster the trains and the more passengers and goods are transported, the more important becomes a reliable and comprehensive training of train drivers. A training like the German one.

The training in Germany is globally recognized as exemplary. As the driver of this training in the Deutsche Bahn system we are proud of this excellent reputation.


We work hard in order to justify the trust our clients place in us. Benefit from our range of services:

  • We support you in making rail transport safer and more effective in your country or in your company.
  • We take care of a train driver training according to German standards.
  • We provide you with everything you need in order to carry out the training yourself.

For Germany and Europe

The basics of train driving

Since the beginning of 2016, training in Europe has been aligned. All train drivers in Europe have to acquire a train driver's license. This license covers the basic knowledge necessary for a train driver in all countries. Then, specific technical complementary certificates for each country are added.

Train drivers may only actually drive a train when they have acquired both certificates. When working in cross-border traffic, train drivers need a complementary certificate for each country they work in.

When training at Deutsche Bahn, these requirements are met through consequent certification and high quality standards.

That is one of the reasons railway traffic in Germany is considered as one of the safest in the world. Benefit from this expertise!


DB Training Services

As much as you need

Partner up with DB Training in your train drivers training. We can provide you with the exact services you want, in order to ensure your railway traffic is fast, professional, and safe. Through employees that are trained comprehensively, with and for state-of-the-art technology.

We offer the complete basic training for train drivers in modular form, with all documents and concepts, so you can cover the entire basic training for train drivers immediately and in the best quality.


The complete program covers

  • Detailed outline of teaching contents, participant manuals, performance reviews
  • Concepts for conduction and documentation of training

The unique part of our concept are the intercultural aspects (module 3.1 to 3.6).

Because at the end of the day, the most important factor for safety is the person in the driver's cab. Their attitude, their commitment, their sense of responsibility are crucial for a safe drive, a safe network, a safe railway system.

Therefore, we focus on understanding what drives the people we work with, in all phases of training – starting with the first workshop, through documents design, training itself, and follow-ups.


Current reference project Israel

Israel Railways on the go into the future!

The state-owned Israeli railways corporation ISR has ambitious plans: in the next years, it plans to expand the rail network in the country massively, to increase the number and the speed of these trains significantly, and electrify the rail network.

This development is a challenge for everyone involved. In a short amount of time, all function groups have to be trained comprehensively. Not an easy task for train drivers. They will have to master a personal and technical transformation process. But there will be no other way: running so many trains at the planned short intervals does not allow the slightest mistake. 

Therefore, train drivers have to be appropriately well trained. This training has to include their attitude, their responsibility, and the risks of their work.

Israel Railways trusts in the cooperation with DB Training.


No compromise

The ambitious expansion plans do not allow compromises. Especially not, when safety is concerned. Therefore, DB Training has worked out the scope of work with the client first and prepared and delivered the training materials individually tailored to the client's wishes for this project. Now phase 2 starts: training the instructors and train drivers on-site. Also here, DB Training supports Israel Railways with its know-how in order to ensure that the extensive new learning contents are definitely covered in a successful training. 

This is only an example of how DB Training helps when railway operators open up new dimensions.

Contact us with the requirements of your project – we provide you with the necessary training modules and further services. Individually. Bespoke. Especially for you.


Our training concept is structured in modules




1.1 Introduction to Railway System – Basic details

1.2 Principles, regulations and provisions regarding safety in rail operation

2.1 Introduction to Track Infrastructure

2.2 Introduction to Network Operation

Role & Responsibilities

Role & Responsibilities

3.1 Technical and Functional Role of a Train Driver

3.2 Module – Teambuilding – kick off

3.3 Module – Inter-culture competencies (incl. Cooperation and working with others)

3.4 Module – Communication

3.5 Module – Responsibilities – my role as a passenger driver

3.6 Module – Dealing with traumatic incidences and stress

Technical & Safety Methods

Technical & Safety Methods

4.1 Technical Basis of Locomotives and Power cars

4.2 Technical Basis of Combustion Engines

4.3 Technical Basis of Electric Engines

5.1 Principles of Management of Uncommon Events on the Road

5.2 Saving Energy

Simulator Training

Simulator Training

6.1 Simulator training: Basic driving skills

6.2 Simulator training: Signal orientation

6.3 Simulator training: Shunting movements

6.4 Simulator training: Train control systems

6.5 Simulator training: Electric locomotives

6.6 Simulator training: Principles of Management of Uncommon Events on the Road


Deutsche Bahn

Simulator Training

Duration: 2:44 min.


You use exactly what you need

The starting point is always a joint workshop. In this workshop, we clarify your specific needs and the bespoke scope of service – starting with training documents through training of the instructors and the possibility of us supporting you in the training of train drivers on-site.

We advise you in the development of your own certified train driver training. You determine the scope.

You can also rely on our expertise in technology. A driving simulator is essential for the training – but which system meets your needs? Driving trainer or full-mission simulator? Do you need a track editor program?

Which maintenance concept is the right one for you?
Protect yourself against risks – we support you in making the right decisions. We have gained, developed, and enhanced experience in years of working in the Deutsche Bahn system. Benefit from our experience in your project as well.



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